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IMPLETEC our ITEC filling machine series:

Our IMPLETEC series linear filling machines with up to 12 filling positions and rotary filling machines with up to 16 filling positions can handle a broad range of container dimensions and throughputs.

Examples of typical machine features:

  1. - Filling nozzle with vacuum technology for drip-free filling
  2. - Tool-less format changeover
  3. - Frequency controlled belt conveyor
  4. - Servomotors for metering unit and filling nozzles with PLC-controlled ninterpolating filling profile
  5. - Two-lane filling configuration


  1. - Interfaces to peripheral equipment
  2. - CIP / SIP accessories
  3. - Connection to company IT networks for production data transfer
  4. - Production data logger
  5. - Modem for remote diagnostics
  6. - Central adjustment of filling nozzle and container positioning

Industries serves by ITEC:

Chemical industrie

Hydrocarbon processing industry

Cosmetic industry

Pharmaceutical industry

Food industry

Liquids handled included:

  1. Detergents and dish liquids
  2. Window cleaners
  3. Pesticides
  4. Engine oils
  5. Brake fluids
  6. Creames
  7. Perfume oils
  8. Mustard
  9. Ketchup
  10. Vegetable oils
  11. Liquid drugs

Depending on your specific needs, you can choose between manually contolled, semi- or fully automated / PLC controlled systems based on the following metering technology:

  1. Piston meters
  2. Magnetic-inductive flow meters
  3. Coriolis mass flow meters
  4. Weigh cells
  5. Timed flow volumetric filler (gravimetric or via circulation pumps)