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CLADOTEC our ITEC capping machine series:

Our CLADOTEC series single-spindle linear cappers and rotary cappers with up to 12 spindles are the technology of choice for the reliable processing of a great variety of container sizes and shapes and the most diverse closure variants.

Examples of typical machine features:

  1. - Solid machine frame
  2. - SPS / IPC contol
  3. - Frequency controlled main drive
  4. - Frequency controlled belt conveyor
  5. - Infinitely variable central spindle drive
  6. - Stainless steel belt conveyor of modular construction



  1. - Torque-controlled magnetic couplings
  2. - Cap inspection at the machine outlet
  3. - Capping spindles driven by seperate servomotors
  4. - Production data logger
  5. - Motorized height adjustment of capping spindles
  6. - Individual torque adjustment of each capping spindle